Gift giving is hard. Far harder than it needs to be.

Maybe you’re a great gift giver but never have the time to get it right. Or maybe you have every intention of finding a perfect gift, but come up short on ideas.

The truth is, we all struggle with many of the gift giving occasions we face each year, and all too often get it wrong. If we didn’t, the gift card business wouldn’t have ballooned to a staggering $100 Billion in the US alone last year.

"I got this for you while I was out buying dish soap."

We’ve been led to believe that the last-minute gift card we buy at the grocery store is a thoughtful and personal gift—they get to choose whatever they want, after all—but when was the last time you felt great giving or receiving a gift card?

And how often have you wandered around malls and big online retailers, searching for an interesting and exceptional gift, only to be met with vanilla, commoditized products, and then settled on your old fall-back gift, or simply missed the occasion altogether?

We’re here to help

Over the past six months, we’ve taken a long look at what’s broken in gift giving, and today we’re very excited to open the doors on a special preview of Wantful.

In short: we’re here to help. Help you discover exceptional products perfectly suited to the person you’re buying for. Help you get that gift delivered on time, and presented with style. And help you follow through on that promise you made to yourself that this time, with this gift, you’ll really get it right.

We’ve assembled a team of world class designers, engineers, and buyers in our offices in San Francisco and NYC, and partnered with some of the most insightful investors in the business— Harrison Metal, Greylock, Dave Morin, Dennis Crowley and Allison Pincus.

Then we sourced hundreds of the best brands, craftspeople, makers and artists from around the world to assemble what’s becoming one of the finest and most exciting collections of products anywhere.

And finally—because gift giving is as much about ritual and presentation and surprise, and this is hard for most of us to get right—we created an entirely new physical experience around the gifts we help you give, going so far as to import large quantities of handmade Japanese paper because we like the way it feels in the hand.

Have a look around

We’ll let the rest of the service speak for itself:

Today, we’re ready to help you with your first gifts, even as we put the finishing touches on the site, and we’re already hard at work on some exciting improvements to the service that will be live just in time for you to get your holiday shopping done.

Have fun, happy gifting, and let us know what you think.

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